GOPO Awards



The Gopo Awards is an annual event that rewards the current Romanian cinematic values. The Gala was established in 2007 and was named in honor of Romanian film director Ion Popescu-Gopo. The trophy is a sculpture by Romanian artist Adrian Ilfoveanu representing Gopo's Little Man, the main character of Gopo's animation films.

Following a pattern set by European equivalents such as the Goya, BAFTA or Cesar, the Gopo Awards Gala is the most important event dedicated to the performers of Romanian cinema.

Over 400 active professionals from all sectors of the Romanian film industry are invited to choose the winners of each year's trophies, using printed bulletins or the online voting system, through a vote mecanism configured and handled by PricewaterhouseCoopers, partners of the Gopo Awards since 2011.

The complete Rules & Regulations and the Technical Specs Form can be found on the official website,